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About Kapten & Son
Kapten & Son is a young, driven brand founded in 2014 by three German students, who took the risk to start up their own business instead of taking reputable, corporate jobs. This decision for adventure and individuality perfectly symbolise what Kapten watches stand for. Today, being Europes fastest growing watch brand with more than 100,000 watches sold worldwide. Founded in Munster, Germany with Melbourne as its first of many international stores.

In an age where you can customise a burger from Macca’s, how is it possible that you can’t customise something as important as a timepiece?European watch company Kapten & Son, ‘the watch with the anchor’ has dominated this customisation gap abroad, without any compromise to quality.

There has been an unprecedented growing demand from customers to be able to differentiate themselves with a personalised product and our direct-to-customer online channel ensures we can deliver each solution with a commitment to a fair price range from $250 to $320 AUD.

Kapten & Son has recognised the need for exclusivity and catered for it by creating an endless array of interchangeable cases, dials and straps in a variety of materials; mesh, nylon, fabric and leather. This allows customers to easily and quickly switch up their Kapten to suit any style, outfit & occasion. Kapten always fits.

Our focus on European quality benefits from a partnership with Swiss Ronda AG, the world leader in quartz movements. Swedish design dictates a minimalist uniformity through watch face, casing and defining anchor symbol. German craftsmanship provides precision and efficiency.

‘We believe a watch is an intentional decision towards detail and beauty, representing the character of its owner’. - Artjem Weissbeck Co-founder & CEO.