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There are so many great things about this superb McLaren Vale red that we might wear out the exclamation mark button on a few keyboards (who needs the number 1 anyway?).

So the Pimpala Vineyard is just 3 acres of vines surrounding the Mount Hurtle winery in northern McLaren Vale. Planted in 1985 with Cabernet Sauvignon (from the famous Reynella clone) and Merlot, it's now almost surrounded by Adelaide suburbia, one of the last remaining blocks just a few kms from the first Cabernet vineyard in South Australia.

With this wine, Geoff picks the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot, a move that ultimately means lots of flavour but elegance and spice too. An anomaly of a wine, from an anomaly of a vineyard.

Then, just to make this even more unique, Geoff left this to age for over five years in the winery, ultimately making for a beautifully silky wine that is in the prime of its life.

How does it taste? Well, let's look at some customer reviews from the last (2010) vintage:

Absolutely delicious wine - Karine S.
Very impressed with body and flavour - Tom T.
Very nice and most enjoyable - Susan M.

You know what? This 2012 release might be better again. A superstar red, from an 11/10 vintage, drinking wonderfully. But wait, there's more! Here at Cracka the Pimpala is all yours for just $19.99/bottle - that's 63% off! Right now at the Geoff Merrill cellar door you'll pay $55/bottle for this wine, making the Cracka price look plain mad!