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More correctly, we're solving the age-old problem of running out of of wine. How? Well, this Big Red Ripping Dozen is so well-priced that you can buy an extra dozen and still have dollars left on your Visa.

As it says on the tin, this Big Red Ripping Dozen is just full of red wine goodness too, overflowing with Shiraz, Cabernet and more to satisfy even the most rampant thirst.

That means wines like a Rex Watson Coonawarra Cabernet ($22, classic style); a juicy WA Cabernet Merlot made by Julian Langworthy at Deep Woods (yes, tasty vino) and a particularly handy super premium Barossa Grenache with epic old vine concentration (it's delicious).

You want more though? This case has got it, with Cab Merlot, Shiraz and blends a go-go.

All this wine normally weighs in at $209 a dozen. But here at Cracka it's all yours for just $109 - or the equivalent of just $9.08/bottle!

Sure, this case won't help world peace, but it will help your lack of wine problem!

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  • Found a few good red wines here; certainly worth a look