CLEARANCE TIME! $25 Margaret River Cabernet for $11.08 + 37 other wines to clear! | Cracka Wines Deal

It's clearin' time!

So we got a little bit too excited this month buying wines and the shed is overflowing. We can still open the door, which is a plus, but you'd definitely class it as 'chockers' (we'll also accept 'full as a goog').

As a result, we have 38 different wines that have the prices dropped in our special weekend sale. To borrow the phrase of a certain evil supermarket, the prices have gone down down.

Want an example of what's in the sale? Let's start with the 2014 Calneggia Family Vineyards Margaret River Cabernet Merlot. A medium bodied Margaret River red from the family behind the Bunkers and Roasabrook labels, this is gently savoury effortlessly drinkable vino in a more-ish style and it's just $11.08 per bottle - less than half the $25 winery price!

This is just the start of the clearance wines really, all at prices that can't continue or we'll go broke. Plus, with a whole swathe of price rises coming through lately, these wines may never be so cheap again.